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    Jamie (The Kansan Reader) Now starting this right just yet, but will be soon and I'm highly wondering after just reading a five star book if I am going to be in a book slump.My edition: KindlePages: 448Series:It is a standalone.Rating: 2.5Review: ***Warning: Spoil AlertYeah, that kind of funny)If he wasnt so charming, his sunny disposition and incessant grin would get oldYou love the book and it lasts.Juliet was incredibleI pray that the author is slaving away, writing her next one (shes allowed to get nutritionand bathroom breaksThey were all coolJustHer father has taken up with a much younger woman, and she can hear them getting it on whenever she stays overwhich is so not coolIf you're looking for a funny yet good read, take a chance on this, you won't regret it! .more flag 1 likeLike see review You go girl!!! There was lots if humor and this big had me laughing plenty


    Skip to content Menu DMCA Contact Search Search for: DMCA Contact Ebooks DownloadPDF Ebooks Download and Read Online [Pdf]: Slow Burn Pdf Nicole Christie Ebooks Download Slow Burn Read pdf ebook on iphone free full pagesUgh its annoyingThe MC, Violet, narrated the book, and her inner monologue, while hysterical, could sometimes be surpassed by the things she said out loudI love all of Juliet's inner musings,especially her violent impulses which of course she doesn't act on (well ok sometimes she does but the person always totally deserves it - cherry soda dumped on the bitchy girl who pulls up her skirt, a punch to cheating boyfriend's junk as she catches him with another girl, and punching you know who in the face for you know what)flag 2 likesLike see review I like how Juliet acknowledges that their relationship is bad and struggles between what she knows is best for both of them and her feelingsFelt a little sorry for JohnnyThere is one character in the book who is so wicked, so depraved, so evil her picture should be beside the definition of Mean Girl


    But hes likeable, because no matter what, he will still protect JulieGardner rated it liked it I have a love/hate relationship with this bookThe sex scenes are mainly glossed over but I was OK with that as I don't think this book needed themFeb 25, 2017 💕The Talented 💕💕Miss Ripley💕 rated it it was amazing It's the beginning of senior year, and seventeen year old Juliet Somers has made the rash decision to transfer to her boyfriend's school in an effort to spend more time with himEvery girl in school wants him e0ec752d1c

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